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All songs composed, arranged, recorded & mixed by Mark Barnes.  With all my heart and soul, I could not have done this without the following people: Susan Prill, Deanne Drodzd, Fred Zimmerman, Lorna Zeger, Zina Publix Warrior Princess, April Boyd, Sybil Cobb, Jim Brickman, Anne Cochran, & the memory of my Mom, all of whom contributed to my music through their inspiration, friendship and love.  Thank you all.

"Reflections of a Time of Love" - song named by Karen Ward & Helen LaLousis.  A Special Thanks to Helen LaLousis - Face OFF Productions www.Faceoffproductions.com, Photography, 3D Video Art Direction & Design by: Shawn Ryan - Spatry Web Graphix, Photography of Mark Barnes by: Christopher Varney Photography




This CD is a very special achievement for me in that it represents change and a new awakening.  The songs display a much greater range of styles and cross multiple genres.  It was influenced by a move to beautiful eastern Tennessee and having some of the most wonderful family, friends and fans a person can imagine.

To Fred, my muse and best friend - What can I say, but thank you for believing in me and sticking by my side.  To my sisters Cindy & Lynn - I love you.  Do You Remember? I still love that picture of us.  ….Where’s my dog! To my Bro-in-law Steve - Your like a brother to me and your support is so much appreciated.  To my little Alyssa - You keep talking to nana and tell her I love her and miss her. To Bill Dake and  WGYLfm - Dude you were the first to play me on air and I am forever grateful!  To Troll and MysticAgeRadio.com - What can I say but...Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.  To Susie - You are in my heart and thoughts every day you will always be my friend no matter what!  To Josh - One of the most amazing voices I have ever heard can’t wait to work on the next CD.  To Deb - What an honor it was to hear “I Love You” sung for the very first time - Simply Wonderful!  To Jim, Anne and Ellen - Thank you  for the continued inspirations and your friendship.  To the “Wife” and Tom - Meeting you guys has changed my life in so many positive ways.  To the Dowdy Man - What wonderful collaboration on The Prayer (For the Cure)’s lyrics - Thank you.  To Don, Toresa and AudioJamMusic.Com - Thank you for having such a great site and promoting me like you do.  Also a BIG Thank you to Jambonie.Com, ARSelect.com, and NoisyPlanet.com.  To Steve Sheldon and Rainbo Records - Thank you for the wonderful job putting this CD together.  To Stacey - Thank you for painting The Awakening What an amazing work of art.  To MyL - Great photographs You got the eye dude. To all of my friends and Fans everywhere You ROCK!! (especially Rosemarie in the UK) AND…..To Big Al Bowman & Susanna Griffie WOW - THANK YOU!!! You guys are so great and have been such a wonderful source of excitement, inspiration and hope.  18th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards - here we come baby!

©2008 MARK BARNES & MARK BARNES MUSIC  •  Produced by Mark Barnes Music, Mark Barnes and Fred Zimmerman


CITY OF DREAMS (Movie Soundtrack) ©2010 ©2011

"City of Dreams".....A Docudrama commemorating the life, times and people of Port St. Lucie, Florida.  A story about one of the most unlikely cities and it's meteoric rise to one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.  .....And on this day they celebrate as they have incorporated the new city of Port St. Lucie. A city that was yet to have any residents.

*****Movie*****  Director - Jose H. Garofalo  •  Executive Producer - Richard McAfoos  •  Co-Producers - Yusuf Isin, Jose H. Garofalo,  •  Robert Roldan, Richard McAfoos  •  Director of Cinematography - Alejandro E. Fuenmayor  •  Art Director - Brenda M. Cooper  •  Writers - Yusuf Isin, Jose H. Garofalo, Lucille Rieley Rights, Richard McAfoos  •  Film Historian - Lucille Rieley Rights  •  Film Score Composer - Mark Barnes ©2010

*****Theme Song*****  Executive Director Richard McAfoos  •  Produced by Jose H. Garofalo  •  Music Composed by Mark Barnes  •  Lyrics by Carol Connors  •  Arranged by Robert Navarro  •  Performed by Alana Ferraro and the Holy Family Church Young People's Choir directed by Maria Romero  •  Vocal Coaching by Jackie Miedzianowski  •  Background Vocal by Melody R. Navarro  •  Recorded at RNR Production Studios © 2010 © 2011

*****Music Video*****  Directed by Jose H. Garofalo & Richard McAfoos  •  Produced by Richard McAfoos  •  Created and Edited by Jose H. Garofalo  •  Music Composed by Mark Barnes  •  Lyrics by Carol Connors  © 2010


ALIVE ©2012

Underwritten By: Steve & Cynthia Bustin and Don & Debi Spivey

Sponsored By: Effie Dolan, Sylvia Smith, Richard McAfoos, Deb Thomsen, Christine Keller, Nancy Lee, Debra Swanson, Dave & Hazel Meredith (Meredith Images), Debi Jensen (Century 21 All Professional), James Houston, Carolyn Dee, Susan Columbo (Re/Max Masterpiece Realty) and John DiGirolomo (Midway Real Estate)

CD Patrons: Patricia Sitek & Lee Jones, Montie Spivey & Ashley Burgess, Mary & Jack Dodge, Judy Lewis, Barry & Joy Chubb, James Avery, Francine Hood, Ruth LeConte, Padrick Pinkney, Winnie Burns, Gayle D'Haeseleer, Ronald Waite, Christine Williams & Dennis Grabhorn (The Shell Bazaar), Denise Hallmann, Calvin Tatsey, Margie Stephens, Lynn Lawrence-Sugarman and Heike Kutzik.

Dedicated To: Steve & Cynthia Bustin for all of your support and encouragement; Lynn O’Neil Cerrato cause I love my Baby Sis; Jessie O’Neil for naming “Wings Of Change”; Fred Zimmerman & Tom Barr for your friendship and tireless 10% :-) help and support; Brenda Risher Kelty for the beautiful song art work for “Till I See You Again”; Debi Spivey for naming “Unconditional; Deb Thomsen my inspiration for After The Rain; Rosemarie Edwards my inspiration for A Rose In Barnsley; MaryAnn Stefanik for your belief in my music; Tina Ryan, Al Bowman, Althea Garner, Bruce Gall, Bill Dake, BuddhaMan, Larry Tezekjian, Dave Smith, & Haru Bach Cloe Toto for your fabulous music promotion; Richard McAfoos for the honor of working on the music for City Of Dreams; The fabulous Miss Carol Connors for your friendship and the fun projects we worked on; and to all of my fans & friends whom without this would not be possible ♥ Thank You All ♥  Special thanks to Dave McIsaac (DR Audio Labs) for the fantastic mastering and editing.




Underwritten By:  Susan Burton Columbo for the Loving Memory of Dr. Ronald Albert van der Meulen May 7, 1950 - May 7, 2011

Sponsored By: Stephen & Cynthia Bustin, Don & Debi Spivey, Sylvia Grissom Smith, Meliss Grissom, Robb Ernst,

CD Patrons: Patricia Sitek & Lee Jones, Dave & Hazel Meredith, Kathleen Lewis, Christine Williams, Christine Keller, Sue Prill, Dale & Jean Prill, Richard McAfoos, Tina Goldencrown, James Avery, Mary & Jack Dodge

Dedicated To: A Very Special Thank You to Frederick Zimmerman, Cynthia & Stephen Bustin,  Lynn O’Neil Cerrato, Don & Debi Spivey and all of my family, friends & fans. Dedicated to the loving memory of Norbert Valentine Barnes and Dorothy Joan Schnell you will always live on through my music and art.  Special thanks to Dave McIsaac (DR Audio Labs) for the fantastic mastering and editing.

About Timeless Journey: These 10 songs are submitted for your listening pleasure and represent a collection of my works from 1996 to 1999. My music was still a hobby when I released the original Timeless Journey CD in 2000 and was solely intended as a special gift for close friends and family.  My hope is that you, the listener, will feel the emotions of the Timeless Journey of life and all of the gifts that it has to offer.  We have a wonderful adventure ahead of us and it is up to each and every one of us to make the most of that journey and adventure. But most f all, it is our human capacity to love which defines us as superior, and it is with that love that I composed these songs for you.  Although at that time I had not individually named the songs, over the years they took on a life of their own and titles were given to each.  As I hope you will experience, each song represents a feeling and emotion which only you, the listener, can truly and fully comprehend.  I present to you…Timeless Journey




UNDERWRITTEN BY: Susan Burton Columbo

SPONSORED BY: Stephen & Cynthia Bustin, Don & Debi Spivey, Sylvia Grissom Smith, Mary & Jack Dodge,
Susan Columbo, Nancy Lee, Meliss Grissom, Stephanie Alessandrini-Giarraffa, Robb Ernst,

CD PATRONS: Patricia Sitek & Lee Jones, Hazel & Dave Meredith, Padrick Pinkney, Margie Stephens, Judy Lewis, Mara Fatima da Rocha, James Avery, Ronald Waite, Christine Williams & Dennis Grabhorn (The Shell Bazaar). Special thanks to Dave McIsaac DR Audio Labs - Mastering and Editing.

DEDICATED TO: This CD is dedicated to all of my friends and fans. It is also dedicated to everyone who loves
Christmas and the entire Holiday Season

ABOUT CHILL OUT CHRISTMAS: All Songs Performed by Mark Barnes  •  Holly and the Ivy, 1871 - Henry R. Bramley, John Stainer  •  What Child is This, 1865 - William C. Dix, m. 16th Century English Traditional  •  Jingle Bells, 1857 - w.m. James Pierpont  •  Do You Hear What I Hear, 1962 - Gloria Shayne &Noel Regney / Publisher - Jewel Music Publishing Co Inc  •  O Holy Night, 1847 - 1847 w. Placide Clappeau, French, English translation John S. Dwight, m. Adolphe  •  Silent Night (Stille Nacht), 1818 - w. 1816, German Joseph Mohr, 1859 English tr. John Young, m. 1818 Franz X. Gruber  •  White Christmas, 1940 - Irving Berlin / Publisher - Irving Berlin Music Company  •  Auld Lang Syne, 1788 - Robert Burns, m. Scottish Air  •  Coming Home, December’s Eve, My First Snowfall, Christmas Memories - 2013 - Mark Barnes & Mark Barnes Music




Sponsored By: Mark Barnes Music

Special Thanks To: Donald & Debra Spivey, Steve & Cynthia Bustin, Frederick Zimmerman, Bill Dake, Al Bowman, Meliss Grissom, Sylvia Smith, Judith Robidoux, Skip & Judith Monsein, Carol Wilke, Richard McAfoos, Dianne Aguiar, Anita Smith,

CD Patrons: Rosemarie Edwards, Billie Edwards, Nancy Lee, Pat Sitek & Lee Jones, Tom & Susan Minch,
Judy Lewis, Padrick Pinkney, Margie Stephens, Dave & Hazel Meredith, Debra Swanson,

This Ring Dedicated To: Mindy Cotrupi & Wendy Curtis, Dorothy Vella & John Surin, Jennifer O'Neil & Joshua Humphreys.



MUSIC (Fan Favorites) ©2015

Sponsored By: Mark Barnes Music, Deb & Jim Doherty

Special Thanks To: Curt & Jeanne Delormier, Helen LaLousis,

CD Patrons: Don & Debi Spivey, Pat & Lee Jones, Christine Williams & Dennis Grabhorn, Marlene Hernandez, Gail Fichera, Judith Robidoux, Padrick Pinkney, Gloria Davis.




Produced By: Mark Barnes & Mark Barnes Music

Music Recording Engineer: Larry "Tez" Tezekjian & Title Track Collaboration Featuring Brent Allen Scott

CD Patrons: Fred Zimmerman, Cindy & Steve Bustin, Lynn O'Neil,Bill Dake, Larry "Tez" Tezekjian, Don & Debi Spivey, Brent Allen & Melissa Scott, Melissa & Pat McClelland, Maryann & Tim Stefanik, Padrick Pinkney, Nancy Grieco, Christine Williams, Dave & Hazel Meredith, Sylvia Smith,Judy Robidoux, Marie Lizak, Maureen Saltzer, Stan & Vanessa Coniglio, Ben Williams, Pat & Lee Jones, Mari Ellen Brown, Brett Gleason, Teri Susfalk Ewing, Ginny Longo, Marlene Hernandez, Mary & Jack Dodge, Judy Barry, Gail Fichera, Donna Eriksen, Sarah Partridge, Tanya Naumenko-Anderson, David Moore, Arnold Garcia & Shine On Hollywood Magazine.



Once Upon A Time ©2017

Composed & Recorded by: Mark Barnes & Mark Barnes Music, Produced by: Mark Barnes, Mark Barnes Music & Jeff Sloane, Mastered by: Dave McIsaac & DR Audio Labs www.Draudiolabs.com

Special Thanks To: Al Bowman - The Hollywood F.A.M.E Awards, Bill Dake - WOSN 97.1FM, Bruce Gall - OWMR, Hamp Elliott - Treasure & Space Coast Radio, Larry “Tez” Tezekjian & Brent Allen Scott.

Thank You To My Supporters who made this CD possible: Don & Debi Spivey, Tom Faucher Piano, Cindy & Steve Bustin, Maryann & Tim Stefanik, Sylvia Grissom Smith, Barbara Speedling, Hazel & Dave Meredith, Ginny Longo, Marlene Hernandez, Pat & Lee Jones, Tanya Naumenko-Anderson & Padrick Pinkney.

©2017 - Mark Barnes & Mark Barnes Music ♫


The Path ©2019


Composed & Recorded by: Mark Barnes

& Mark Barnes Music, Produced by: Mark Barnes & Mark Barnes Music, Music Mastered by: Brent Allen Scott Music

Special Thanks To: Al Bowman - The Producers Choice Honors, Jeffrey Sloan, Bill Dake - WOSN 97.1FM, Hamp Elliott - Treasure & Space Coast Radio, Brent Allen Scott & Melissa Scott. Thank You To My Supporters who made this CD possible: Cynthia & Stephen Bustin, Don & Debi Spivey, Pat & Lee Jones, Heather Furnari, & Ginny Longo.

©2019 Mark Barnes & Mark Barnes Music